Friday, August 2, 2013

Uncommon Kindness - Part 2

I've been working very intentionally to display kindness to strangers, as I discussed in a previous post.  I want to say it has had a very profound impact - ON ME.  I'm not sure if the world around me has noticed, but my children have and I certainly feel happier.

Today the woman in line in front of me at the grocery story was about 80 cents short of buying her food, and told her son to put his candy bar back.  It was deli chicken and a Hershey bar.  I saw how sad the boy was and pulled a dollar out of my wallet and handed it to the cashier.  The little boy was so happy and his mom seemed shocked when she thanked me.

The girls and I helped a very flustered mom pick up the entire bin of school supplies her toddler knocked over in Target.  Let an elderly man go in the pharmacy line ahead of me.  The waitress at lunch today seemed overwhelmed and her service was suffering (busy day?).  Another table had some very rude patrons that kept getting frustrated with her and sending the food back.  When I paid the bill I tipped 40% (no, I am not rich, but I can afford to cheer someone up) and wrote "Great Job!" on the receipt.

Stopped to pick up a few ingredients to make a meal for a new mom at church.  Figured while I'm doing extra cooking I'll make some extra servings and drop off at a friends house.  She has very poor health and really enjoys a home cooked meal, made with love.

I'm not bragging - I'm trying to set an example for my kids.  Every small act can make a difference, even a smile can brighten a day! I want kindness to be instinct for my children. I pray others can see Christ in my actions.