Saturday, August 3, 2013

Deanism #7

I should explain that Dean has a speech disorder - he actually did not use more than 1 to 3 words at a time until he was 3 and didn't speak in sentences until preschool began this year.  He's been in speech class since he was 2.  So some things are funny to me simply because he spent so much of his life silent!

I normally do not make the mistake of buying the kids Icees at the START of a shopping trip, but I had sold some schoolbooks via Craigslist and was meeting the gal in the Target food court.  (I should mention how proud I am of my savings - Cartwheel had Icees and popcorn on discount.)

After the books were sold, and the drinks half devoured, I ventured further into the store to grab some shoes.  Dean is notorious for losing his shoes - or at least one of each pair.  While in North Dakota he lost his favorite slip on shoe in the tall grass in the field while 4-wheeling.  Despite spending a few hours searching, it was never located.

I found him some very cool Avengers slip on shoes.  While his sister tried on a pair (BOGO deal) he ran around the aisles "kissing" the shoes.  Yes, kissing.  "I love shoes, Mom.  I kiss them."
No, seriously, this happened!
On our way home we stopped at the library, which requires driving past an elementary school.  There were workers redoing the roof of the school, with construction vehicles everywhere.  Dean was thrilled, as per usual. 
The girls pointed out something they thought was very funny and unusual to him.  Dean excitedly tells me "There's a porcupine on the roof!"  I told him that was not very likely, what with the construction crew up there and all, but he insisted we go back and look.  I obliged him.
"Look! Porcupine!" he shouted again.  I looked up, and there it was.  A PORTA POTTY on the roof. :) Never a dull moment.