Friday, March 27, 2015

Our Special Needs Journey:Part 24 - The Joy in the Ordinary

Again it's been too long.  In our world no news is good news, as a general rule.  Life has been boringly ordinary as of late. And I love it that way. As I think of all that our family has been through an ordinary day like this one is right where I want to be. There is so much joy found in the ordinary, uneventful, everyday life.  Moments like this these:

 (This is the blissful start to my ordinary days.)

(This is how I end each day - with snuggles.)

I've had days, as I'm sure you have as well, that were NOT so ordinary.  In a not so extraordinary way. Days when your whole life changes and time stands still at that moment. And in the grief I wished for nothing more than to go back to one of those ordinary, but oh-so-special days.

To the ordinary day BEFORE there was no heartbeat on the ultrasound and my daughter died. Before I miscarried another child. Before there was abuse or heartache. Before I lost my home (okay, that turned out for the better, but it was still hard). Before my daughter was diagnosed with autism. And then my other daughter. And then my son. To before I found my son was deaf in one ear. Before that first period that lead to years of endometriosis pain. Before Dean had his first seizure.  Before my first binge-purge session due to body-loathing. Before the first time I found myself in such despair I began self harm (of which I am in remission).