Monday, August 19, 2013

Praying for our Spiritual Leaders

It's Sunday, which means I heard my pastor speak today. My pastor and his family are very dear to me. I have many friends who are in ministry as well. I got to thinking how greatly our spiritual leaders are under attack in this world, and how very, very important those spiritual leaders are in my life.

So today as I pray for our spiritual leaders I mean both those in my life I know personally (such as my pastor, my BSF teaching leader, and friends in ministry) as well as those teaching the Bible worldwide that are strangers to me but adopted by Christ into my family.

Lord, I lift these spiritual leaders up to.  Protect them from spiritual warfare. Guard their minds and tongues, strengthening them to resist temptation.  Give them strength to be a light for you and speak to the hearts of both believers and non-believers. Help them to have a deep, intimate relationship with you, Lord, and to display that love for you openly. Give them the power to walk the talk and lead by example. Help them to live a life above reproach and that their love for you is genuine and their fire for your Word pours out. I ask Lord that spiritual leaders have a deep and vibrant prayer life and relationship with you.  I ask that they not neglect their own personal quiet time.

Protect their marriages, God, that they remember their role as a spouse as well as a leader in ministry. Guard their hearts and the hearts of their spouses from bitterness and let both husband and wife truly live according to scripture in their roles.  May their marriage be an example to others!

Protect their families as well, Lord.  Provide for them financially and in every need they have.  May their children be a source of support and joy and have a personal relationship with You as well. Would you give them the wisdom to parent according to the Bible and not out of fear of what others will think of their parenting skills. That they would always go to scripture for guidance when facing difficulties in their families.  Help them to remember their families, not to neglect them for the sake of their ministry.

Keep them safe and healthy. I specifically pray for the physical health of these leaders and their families, that you heal any ailments and give them the grace and strength to endure any and all trials. Would you provide the help they need in times of sickness?

Would you please give them wisdom as they counsel and preach? I pray, Lord, that they give wise counsel and always direct back to Your Word.  Speak powerfully through them and make their witness strong. Give them the exact words that those listening need to hear. Enable them to speak boldly and not to shy away from topics that cause conflict. Lord, provide them the encouragement they need to continue to do Your work!

I lift up to you the church body as a whole and the deacons and leadership team specifically.  May we all serve our churches! Lord stir in the hearts of the church members to volunteer where needed and serve with a glad heart! May all the needs of the church be met, both financially and in manpower. Protect the hearts and minds of the leadership team as well and give them wisdom in counsel and protect them from temptation. May the church funds be used wisely and to Your glory.


I challenge you to pray for your pastor and spiritual leaders, for missionaries your church supports, and for the leadership support team in your church.  I also challenge you to find a way to serve in your church and use the gifts God has given you.