Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Our Foreclosure Journey: Part 7 - Good-byes and Hellos

Here's my disclosure before I get into what will totally sound like bragging (it's actually gratitude): All good things are from the Lord. All praise and thanks go to God, our Provider, Comforter, and Firm Foundation. Although this particular story has a happy ending (compared to where we started out), God needs to be given glory and thanks in all situations. He is in Control and His purposes are for our benefit and His glory.

Moving after 11 years with 4 children is no small feat. I didn't realize what a task it was until it was all done. Wow. I can't offer enough gratitude to the friends and family that helped us move (included tons of last minute packing and LOTS of heavy lifting -- we kept our appliances!)!!

June 30th we were able to move our first truckload in the evening. We started out just after 7 am on July 1st and took 6 more Budget Moving Truck loads plus 3 pickup loads and stuffed my van full a couple times.  I went back several times to get a few remaining items and to clean. 2 truckloads were dropped off at a thrift store (with tons more to donate still) and several truckloads went to the dump.