Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Our Foreclosure Journey: Part 7 - Good-byes and Hellos

Here's my disclosure before I get into what will totally sound like bragging (it's actually gratitude): All good things are from the Lord. All praise and thanks go to God, our Provider, Comforter, and Firm Foundation. Although this particular story has a happy ending (compared to where we started out), God needs to be given glory and thanks in all situations. He is in Control and His purposes are for our benefit and His glory.

Moving after 11 years with 4 children is no small feat. I didn't realize what a task it was until it was all done. Wow. I can't offer enough gratitude to the friends and family that helped us move (included tons of last minute packing and LOTS of heavy lifting -- we kept our appliances!)!!

June 30th we were able to move our first truckload in the evening. We started out just after 7 am on July 1st and took 6 more Budget Moving Truck loads plus 3 pickup loads and stuffed my van full a couple times.  I went back several times to get a few remaining items and to clean. 2 truckloads were dropped off at a thrift store (with tons more to donate still) and several truckloads went to the dump.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Our Special Needs Journey:Part 17 - Genetics Studies, Therapies, & Doctor Visits

If I have been MIA as of late it is for good reason! Busy & overextended don't begin to describe life right now. Still so very many appointments, volunteer committments, and packing. I'm now in the crunch-time zone. We move in LESS THAN ONE WEEK. [I've moved by now, that is how far behind I have gotten on this blog post.] There's so much to report, I don't even know how to organize all these thoughts. So I'll attempt to update-by-kid. It has been so difficult to make time to blog that more time passes and more things happen, haha!


May 28th quietly marked my 30th birthday. A sweet friend dropped these roses off on my birthday! Note to hubby: See how easy that was?! Your wife only turns 30 once (I will however be turning 29 many times)! I did enjoy a fun night out with friends at a piano bar AND treated myself to a facial (my first!).

I finally went to the doc for my back pain/finger numbness and had a THREE HOUR MRI.  I am soooo glad I found that I don't just need to default to surgery (as I already had back surgery less than 3 years ago). I did some steroids and that helped, as did a chiro massage.  Now Dan and I just need to make time for physical therapy and regular chiropractic care and that should help, over time, lessen the pain.  [Moving, cleaning the old house, and setting up the new home have not been kind to me though - ouch!]

We've officially started several therapies at Fraser and I am a bit obsessed with these wall toys -- I want some in our house!!

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