Monday, May 11, 2015

Busy Bags for On the Go Entertainment

We spend SO MUCH time in the waiting room at appointments (doctor offices and especially tons of therapies) or in the car.  With 4 kids it can be chaos getting out the door. We need coats, shoes, snacks, diapers, and entertainment.  So, to solve that last one we put together ready-made, grab-and-go busy bags.

I dug through the schoolroom and the kids' bedrooms and collected a much-more-massive-than-is-necessary slew of travel toys.  I stuffed the items in bags - some are geared towards my boys (6 and 2) and the others for my girls (10 and 13) but most are a mixture.  Before we head out the door we grab a bag (sometimes 2 if all 4 kids are going, but often the girls don't mind playing with whatever the boys have).

At present I haven't labeled the bags because the kids have fun with the mystery of it. The bags in the picture are actually thermal lunch bags I found at Michael's for $2 a piece.  I have a few more to pack up so I'll likely use some gallon ziploc bags or some cheap thrift shop find.  The various containers and pencil pouches were all randomly collected over my homeschooling and clearance shopping years.

Hope these Busy Bag/Travel Activities give you some ideas!