Friday, May 16, 2014

Our Foreclosure Journey Part 5: Moving Mountains

[This is a photo of a tree in the front yard of our new home. This is scripture that came to me in quiet time today - how appropriate!]

What a busy week this has been! There has been an abundance of good news (for a change). Why am I surprised that God provides and that prayer is powerful?! I know it, yet I can doubt.

I really needed good news as I have been feeling a bit discouraged as of late. Tuesday was my first special ed class with Bruce and the audiologist was there.  We had been told by the Genetics clinic to test his hearing for multiple reasons.  His right ear is fine but his left is not.  At first the device would not register, then he failed 3 times, meaning he is full or partially deaf in his left ear.

This makes tons of sense, considering his refusal to nurse on the left breast, his lack of speech sounds, his drunk old man uncoordinated walk, and how easily he is frustrated. The Audiologist checked the device against her ears and mine to be sure it was operating correctly.  Then she said perhaps he has extreme wax build up blocking his canal.  So it is possible everything with his hearing is fine, but I need to see yet another specialist, as if I don't have enough appointments to go to.

So I'm ready for GOOD news since I feel a bit weighted down by burdens these days. I trust in God's purposes in all things, yet I've certainly been feeling discouraged, To feel anything but numb would be the equivalent of moving a mountain.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day Musings: Empty Arms

     [Photo credit CarlyMarie Photography]

To those with empty arms this Mother's Day: I'm thinking of you. I'm praying that God will wrap His arms of comfort around you and that you would feel His presence. You are not forgotten. On this day that serves as a reminder of what you DON'T have, let me assure you you are not alone. You are loved.

I was a child myself when I had my first child - I went straight from my parents house to my husband's (well, to his parents' house for that first few months). I confess I cannot relate to the devastation of not being a mother when you long for it so deeply.  I have been a mother far longer than I have known the value of it.