Saturday, August 31, 2013

Prayers about Discipleship

I had my first BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) leader meeting of the year - our kick off training.  Such a rich time of fellowship with the Lord and dear sisters in Christ! Oh, how it renews my enthusiasm for You Lord, and for Your work.

Would you make me a true disciple for You? Confirm my calling and equip me in it.  Expand my time, Lord, to honor my ministry in the home as a wife and mother, and also as a BSF Leader.  Make me an effective witness for you - help me to live a life above reproach, that I not cause another to stumble.

Give me the wisdom to manage my time effectively to do all my "jobs" well and to resist the temptation of time wasters.  Give me wisdom as I shepherd and hear my prayers for the women in my group.  Help them to know my love for them is genuine and to open up to me.

I ask Lord that I can make an eternal impact - that I be a light for Christ in all that I do, in both blessing and trial.  I pray that my children see me studying Your Word, praying, and making time for discipleship and that they too would have a desire to witness and be in the Word.

I ask for opportunities to minister and great wisdom and boldness.  I often shy away from the opportunity to witness - make me bold and able to overcome my fears.  Expand my spiritual territory. Give me grace, strength, and guidance - give me the right words when words are needed.