Saturday, August 3, 2013

Summer Road Trip

Last week we piled 4 kids (including an infant and not-fully-potty-trained-preschooler), 2 adults, luggage, and a big, hairy dog in our van and made the trek to North Dakota.  We may not be able to afford Disneyland but we do know how to have a great time!

We spent almost 4 days with my grandparents (and aunt and uncles and cousins) at the farm.  The kids (and dog) could not have had any more fun and the parents sure enjoyed the relaxing escape from reality.  It was so exciting to have Bruce sitting up on his own and while he was on the nice carpeted floor at their house he started crawling (he has not perfected it yet, but is trying). 

Oh, and Dean wore his Potty Watch and was practically accident free!! I think this is due in large part to papa being home since he likes having dad take him.  I know I sure enjoyed actually seeing him - I miss my hubby when he is hard at work!

The best uncle in the world gives us a tour of his farm.


We couldn't get Dean off the 4-wheeler, he just loved it.  Here's papa giving him another ride!

Unca Daniel takes Taylor (and Dean since he won't get off) for a ride!

 I love actually getting to SEE my hubby! Oh, and our dog Zoe wants to be in every photo!





             Taylor is the baby whisperer - she can calm him down and get him to sleep anywhere!

All the kids got a turn in the tractor with Daniel
Big Boy Bruce can sit up all by himself!!