Friday, June 27, 2014

Our Foreclosure Journey: Part 6 - Greater Things

It's crunch time here - moving day is Tuesday. It's almost midnight on Thursday. Tomorrow we go strawberry picking with my in-laws, up from Mexico (yay!) and Monday is BACKTOBACK appointments. I'm a bit overwhelmed by all there is to do still. Changing utilities, packing, that sort of stuff. I've been soooo sick the past couple weeks it has really limited my progress packing.

Dan has had to miss work to get the kids to appointments because I have been so crazy sick. He also has not been able to work much overtime because we are so crazy busy I simply cannot accomplish all the packing AND the appointments. He's had to really take on a lot and we are both seriously lacking sleep. That said, it is almost over (moving, that is).

The good news is I thrive under pressure. I work best with the whole procrastinate-then-do-it-all-last-minute thing. So I know it'll all be okay. I lied. I THINK it will all be okay. I mean, if it doesn't all get done, that is pretty much the norm anyhow. I can't ever seem to get it all done. Anyone relate? Yeah, I thought so!

Monday, June 9, 2014

This is for you, Dan: Happy 13th Anniversary!

Today marks 13 years since I married Daniel James Krube. It's not an especially significant number but it's still special to us.

 [Our wedding and a snapshot from our honeymoon-of-sorts.]

I was hardly 16 when I met Dan. June 11th, 2000. It was my first day at my first job. I told the manager I could start work the very next day after turning in my application, but I had to babysit first. It was my parents' anniversary and I had to watch my siblings.

Dan was the Assistant Manager at Subway and was the one to train me in that first night. He was goofy and fun yet hardworking and authoritative. And there was NO WAY I was planning on dating him. Are you ready for the twist?!

HE didn't want to date ME. Not until I was less of a "party girl." No lie. He wanted me to have only one boyfriend; what kind of madness is that?! I wasn't "up to his standards." This boy saved my life (God played a large part, I'm sure.) A girl can't help but fall in love with Dan. I worked so hard for that first kiss - something I had never had trouble with before (insert red cheeks here).

We were married less than one year later - June 9, 2001. Yes, I was in high school and Yes, I was very pregnant. {It is important for me to note that we both repented and renewed our relationships with the Lord later.} And no, getting married in high school is NOT easy. That's probably a good thing. :)

[Here's something that made me feel old: a POLAROID of our first Christmas together.]