Friday, June 27, 2014

Our Foreclosure Journey: Part 6 - Greater Things

It's crunch time here - moving day is Tuesday. It's almost midnight on Thursday. Tomorrow we go strawberry picking with my in-laws, up from Mexico (yay!) and Monday is BACKTOBACK appointments. I'm a bit overwhelmed by all there is to do still. Changing utilities, packing, that sort of stuff. I've been soooo sick the past couple weeks it has really limited my progress packing.

Dan has had to miss work to get the kids to appointments because I have been so crazy sick. He also has not been able to work much overtime because we are so crazy busy I simply cannot accomplish all the packing AND the appointments. He's had to really take on a lot and we are both seriously lacking sleep. That said, it is almost over (moving, that is).

The good news is I thrive under pressure. I work best with the whole procrastinate-then-do-it-all-last-minute thing. So I know it'll all be okay. I lied. I THINK it will all be okay. I mean, if it doesn't all get done, that is pretty much the norm anyhow. I can't ever seem to get it all done. Anyone relate? Yeah, I thought so!