Saturday, August 3, 2013

Bruce - month by month progression

I'm a bit sad that I can make this photo collage and write this post.  It means my baby is now a toddler, and that this really precious last year has flown by far too quickly. 

I wanted to take photos of Bruce each month to show a clear progression.  I, of course, took photos of the other kids all the time, so there are some from every month.  But it is often hard to tell "how old is my kid in this photo?" years down the road.

I've seen some seriously adorable ideas friends have done or on Pinterest.  I wanted something that was all our own though.  My girlfriend gave me these adorable blocks with his name - but it wasn't enough to show how his size changes. 

It's photo shoot time.  Meagan will be here to snap photos any minute.  Still no idea - an old dump truck in the yard? Too dirty. The dog? Won't sit still. Then my brilliant hubby emerged from Dean's room with this giant stuffed giraffe he had gotten for a birthday present. Dean said Brucie could borrow it!

The adorable "Little Brother" onesie? It was only intended for the first photo shoot (at 11 days old), but it still fit at 1 month.  So we stuck him in it again.  Then, it went on clearance at Carters for $1.99! So I snatched up every size through 18 months!!

one week (okay, a week and a half)
Photo credit: Meagan Wanschura


At one month old not a ton has changed, appearance-wise.  Gaining weight, awake for a bit longer, able to hold his head up.  The photos I take are not nearly as nice as the ones Meagan took for us for the birth announcements, but my subject matter is precious!

The photo shoot totally wiped him out! I love his hair!!

At 2 months so much has changed! He is so strong now, holding his head up and much sturdier in general.  Now Bruce SMILES and LAUGHS out loud!! So much fun!!! He is a serious sort of fellow but when he does smile it can light up the whole room.

I had no idea this was the start of his "chubby cheeks" - here are the beginnings of the chub in his face.  You'll see as he gets older how fabulous these chubby cheeks become and what a prominent feature they are! Seriously, people stop us all the time to comment on them!

Dean is modeling his matching "Big Brother" shirt.  I couldn't convince him to put pants on though... And yes, his fingernails ARE pink. Get over it. :)

At 3 months he has gotten VERY chunky - I wish MY fat rolls were this adorable! And oh, those cheeks! I just love to squeeze and kiss them! He has started to play with toys and loves when we sing to him and read to him.  Still nursing around the clock - but can sleep for 6 or 7 hours without waking on some days.

By 4 months he can roll over, push up, and scoot around in circles.  Teething like crazy, so everything goes in the mouth.  He is such a delightful baby and easy to bring everywhere - and carry around in the Moby wrap. 

See how fat he's gotten?! I love that chunk!

Month 5 is a big one, developmentally: he is now rolling over both ways, sitting up all on his own, and attempting to crawl.  An army crawl and pushing up on legs and scootching forward. He "talks" a lot, smiles ALL the time, and is such a joy.  He also started foods this month - some homemade purees as well as breastmilk popsicles and little puffs.

6 months old! So close to pulling himself up and cruising around and working hard on that crawl.  Can get all over the room very quickly.

 I don't know what this new "look" of his is, but he is doing it all the time now!

SEVEN months! We could NOT get him to sit still.  Oh, and couldn't find enough blocks to spell 'seven' because he likes to eat them now.

Next is his eighth month - and there is no holding this kid back! He's climbing on everything!

 As you can see, he's gotten very attached to his giraffe and can be very affectionate!

At nine months he is cruising - walking all around the room while holding onto furniture or pushing his walker.  What a joy this little man is!

At month TEN we are setting up our Christmas tree - there are decorations on every surface and no uncluttered place to snap a photo.  Bruce wouldn't let us anyway, he had to see what this tree business was all about!

Month 11 - he's walking! We tried photos 3 different times with no success - he can run away, crawl away, climb up and down, and loves to throw the blocks after he knocks them down.  Not easy!

 ONE YEAR!! Okay, he's a week shy of 12 months, but I wanted his photo shoot done in time to make invitations to his birthday party.  He was woken up from his nap to snap pictures of him so he started the session a bit cranky, by the end he was not too thrilled with all my outfit and prop changes.  I'm impressed Meagan was able to get shots where he wasn't crying or crawling away. He's always a delight, but that doesn't mean he wants his picture taken!

 He's grown quite attached to that stuffed animal!!

 He's had enough.  Time to rip up the flooring and backdrop I've set up.  Stinker. :)