Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Glitter Bottles

I originally found something similar to this on Pinterest used as Time Out Timers.  I thought they would be great for my kiddos to use for "Calm Down Time" as we call it.  Having 3 special needs kids (ASD, ADHD, PPDNOS, ODD, SPD) there is often a struggle with transitioning, sensory overload, and the inability to manage their frustrations.

For my kiddos sometimes a short break to compile themselves, get ahold of their emotions, and essentially calm down and transition really helps.  They LOVED the idea on this blog so we adapted a bit.  They each chose a color of glitter glue.  Fill a clean, empty bottle 2/3 with warm water, the entire bottle of glitter glue, and a Tablespoon of white or clear glitter.  I didn't have any glycerin on hand but I would suspect that would be a great addition.

Make sure some of the glue is spread around the opening of the bottle so that when the cap is placed on and the glue dries it stays shut! I don't want to clean up THAT mess!  Simply shake.

 This is the bottles "calm" with white glitter on the bottom, colored glitter glue on that, and water (tinted by the glue) on top.  Shake and wait for it to settle.  It takes a good 10 minutes, so "time out" is by no means mandatory.  The kid sits in the same place they were - usually on the couch in the middle of our homeschool day - with the bottle.  Focus on the bottle and not on what made them frustrated.

This is what they look like "all shook up."   Yes, that's my kitty photo bombing.  She wouldn't move. The bottles are beautiful and all the kids (12, 9, 4, 6 months) love playing with them.  They used name stickers to put their names on them.  I suggested more stickers but they said it would cover up the view. :)  

We discovered that Baby Bruce LOVED these bottles most of all.  Seriously, he's obsessed - it's like crack for babies.  Shake, roll, chew on, totally entertained!