Saturday, August 31, 2013

Prayers for Pregnancy & Birth

I spent the evening at a triple baby shower.  Our church celebrates ALL babies - not just firstborns.  It is a beautiful and thoughtful thing to have a shower/celebration for each baby born in the church family. I know it moves me to tears when I was given one for each of my sons (my girls were born before we attended this church and since I was a teenager the pregnancies were not celebrated too much).

One of the gals was going to be a first time mom - her little boy is due soon.  Another brought her 7 week old daughter with -- her 4th child.  The third was due with her 4th child - her 3rd boy.  I was there with my 6 month old son who was crawling, pulling up, scarfing down food (see my post on BLW), and smiling up a storm.  He was playing with another sweet little girl, only a few months older than he. We may be a small church but we've got a lot of kids!

Lord, would you place a hedge of protection around these women and their wombs?  Protect the babies growing inside and keep them safe.  Grant a safe arrival/delivery of these children and keep both mom and baby healthy.  May these births be trauma-free and without complication.  I also ask for speedy recovery for the mamas - and rest!

I pray this also for all of my girlfriends that are expecting, and are at various stages in their pregnancies.  Specifically for relief of nausea, stress, panic attacks, and other ailments my friends are suffering from.

I also pray for all of the empty wombs longing to be filled with the miracle of a child.  Would You be at work in their lives? Give them strength and patience, and the joy of being a parent!

Would you give comfort and peace to those grieving the loss of a child?  Wrap Your arms around them and help them to feel Your presence and know Your love.  Give them rest - physical and emotional. Give them strength to face each day.  Help them to heal.