Friday, July 12, 2013

The High Price of Coupons - and other Rantings.

I love my children. But sometimes I am discouraged as a mom that I have just dropped the ball so low I'll never get it back. 

This is my sweet, loving, energetic, and delightfully entertaining 4 year old, Dean. He's super spoiled and rules the house.  First, my defense: I miscarried 6 times before I got pregnant with him.  I was on bedrest for FIVE months due to a subchorionic hemmorage (a hole in the placenta).  Each day I was terrified he would die if the hole got too big.  I had really grown to love parenting and was finally ready to have children (teen mom).  It was the first time I was congratulated for being pregnant. I had baby showers. People asked how I was feeling and brought meals and gifts.  THIS is what it felt like for normal people to have babies - and I got to experience it!

He arrived, alive.  So precious to all of us.  I also became a stay at home mom and breastfed for the first time.  Such a sweet bond.  We co-slept. We cuddled. I carried him in a wrap all the time.  By the time I had transitioned him to a crib at 10 months I was pregnant again.  A month later, February 4th, after over a week of spotting, insane pain, and daily doctor visits, we found this child was ectopic.  I woke from surgery to find I had lost the baby and my right tube.

I brought Dean back to my bed, I spoiled him. We all catered to him.  He had 3 mommies (awesome big sisters).  The next pregnancy lasted longer (17 weeks).  I went to the infusion center at the hospital EVERY DAY for IV fluids due to severe morning sickness (hyperemesis).  I couldn't care for him very well.  Potty training stopped; I wasn't able to get up and follow through.  Consistency went out the window and I did not discipline well.  He got whatever he wanted.

After the baby died, I was in a deep depression; I brought Dean back into my bed and spoiled him like crazy.  Then I was better and worked hard to re-train, reverse the bad behaviors he was displaying.  Then, when he was 3, I got pregnant again.  Sick. So flippin sick. More IVs, more doctor visits, more bedrest.  Forget consistency in potty training. Forget forcing him to clean up his toys.  This was survival mode.

For the 5 months since Bruce was born I have worked soooo hard to be consistent, patient, and follow through.  Dean does not sleep with me.  He wears underwear with minimal accidents. He writes and says the alphabet.  But the damage was done.  It is almost as if I mated with satan and he is our demon spawn.  Because he is NAUGHTY.

First stop: Costco.  I'm making meals for a couple friends who had babies and another friend who is sick, and a lady who is going through chemo.  I need groceries today!!

Dean runs across the store, proceeds to throw a 5 lb box of strawberries on the floor and stomp on them.  I'm holding him, kicking and screaming, with Bruce also on me in the Moby wrap.  I buckle him in, pick up the berries, and place a call to daddy to come get him.  I don't care if he's tired, it's NOT okay to act the way he does.  HOW did it get so bad?! HOW do I "fix" it??!

Next stop: Super Target.  Just me, Baby Brucie, and Taylor (she's having a "good" day and Julia is home with Dean).  Look how cooperative Bruce is being!! :) BEST shopping accessory ever!

I was initially proud of my great deals.  Like - 2 Juicy Juice 8 packs on sale 2 for $4. I had a manufacturer coupon for $1, a store coupon for $1 and Cartwheel savings for 10%.  I spent just $1.60 on both - minus another 5% with my Target RedCard.  There were tons of deals like this - Pull Ups with store, manufacturer, AND Cartwheel savings PLUS on sale AND a $10 giftcard when you buy 2!! This helps, since the $280 (precoupon) transaction was mostly (not all) for meals for others. (Plus a $260 Costco trip).

Cartwheel total savings: $8.45.  Time to checkout: 63 minutes. I had to ring up the transaction THREE, yes THREE times! The store had installed new computers the night before and we found out my Cartwheel coupon is what froze up the register (twice).  So for eight bucks I got to checkout 3 times whilst holding a hungry baby.  I still stand proudly behind my coupon usage! (I've seen the Extreme Couponing show and I am NOT extreme.  No shelf clearing, no multiple transactions. Curteous to cashier and other customers.)

Then I get to the car with my sky high cartfull of groceries, 3 Icees (can't get it for Taylor and not the other kids.  Yes, I made Dean earn his later), a baby in my arms, and a gianormous diaper bag. I see this:

Can't get baby, Taylor, or groceries into my van.  Ended up having to back out first.
Meanwhile this much room on the other side.  YES JACKHOLE, it DOES matter when you park poorly.  Take 3 seconds to see how well, or poorly, you've parked. Don't be a selfish monkey!

K, venting done. :)