Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My 8 Favorite Teething Solutions

My babies all started teething at 3 months, with teeth popping through at 4.  Bruce is 5 months and the first one finally emerged, but he has been working on it for 2 months!  After 4 kids I have found some sanity savers - I wish I had figured these all out with the first kiddo!

1.) Breastmilk popsicle - found Nuk and Munchkin brand baby popsicle trays on Amazon.  I used pumped breastmilk and baby food puree to fill.  Bruce loves these, but be warned they make a sticky mess!! I used those mesh teethers with frozen food in them for the other kids and this is way more satisfying on their gums and slightly less messy, and much easier to wash.

2.) Fold a clean baby washcloth into a square, wet on corner and freeze.  Baby loves to chew on frozen section until it thaws.

3.) Teething tablets.  I like Hyland's best, but Orajel Naturals work well too.  I also found liquid vials from Camilia.  Very safe (but always do your own research).  Baby knows they work and loves to take them (they dissolve in his mouth). I like these for nighttime waking, since he won't be chewing or playing at that time.

4.) Baltic Amber necklace.  I was skeptical with Dean 4 years ago, but it made a huge difference for Bruce.  I figure, if it is safe, it can't hurt! Totally worth the $15-$25 investment.  It works to calm baby, relieve pain and colic, etc.  I bought mine from Amazon. After hearing raves about Mama Bean Stalk (www.mommabeanstalk.etsy.com) from others, I bought a 2nd one once he was a bit older (always buy the exact right size).  She will handmake necklaces for many different ailments - there are other healing stones.  It works by heating up against skin and releasing healing oils or something like that. It must be raw stone, do not let baby sleep in it, use the correct size for your child so that they cannot put the necklace IN their mouth and chew off the stones, and find one that is individually knotted between the rocks & has a safety clasp to prevent choking. I wrapped it around Bruce's ankle when he slept.

5.) The tried and true classic Sophie the Giraffe is a HUGE hit with my kiddos - and ALL the babies in my ECFE mommy-baby class! I don't know WHAT it is but this lives up to the hype.

6.) My new obsession is these Chewbeads chewlery - mama wears and baby chews.  I found them on Amazon also and they are sooo worth the $30 I was too stingy to spend on the previous baby! I've also scored them on Zulily for $8 but their products rotate.  They come in a huge variety of colors, are comfy to wear, and actually pretty cute.  Bruce not only loves to teeth on them but also solved our pinching-while-nursing problem.  It was awful - Vulcan death grip! I kept redirecting his fingers to the beads and now he chooses to fiddle with the necklace all on his own! And it is a portable, always with me toy he can play with - especially since he is always in the carrier right on my chest. My older kids with Autism also use these as "chewies."

7.) Bruce loves this silicone teether I found called Comotomo. Again, try Amazon. I got mine at Babies R Us.
8.) And of course teething biscuits - I love Baby Mum Mums rice crackers and Happy Baby banana puffs. 

Remember to hold and love and snuggle that baby while you can.  They grow fast and this too shall pass!