Saturday, July 6, 2013

Beach Themed Birthday Pool Party

What to do when 70+ people are coming tomorrow and you've spent the week painfully ill and in and out of the hospital? Here's my "quick cheats" party:

Sheet cake from the grocery store, these 2 were the only ones in the fridge at 9 pm. I crushed up graham crackers for the sand, sprinkled on blue sprinkles for water, and then stuck some gummy lifesavers around Teddy Grahams as if tubing in the water.  A few Swedish fish swimming, and some more bears sunbathing under paper drink umbrellas.  Voila! The cake was a hit and I only lost 10 minutes of my life decorating.

 Before I added flair -- 4th of July is coming up, hence the stars.
 After a little TLC.

"Flip Flop" cookies - a HUGE hit.  After confirming no one attending had peanut allergies, I piped a "sandal strap" on each cookie and added a white pearl sprinkle.  Seriously stinkin easy, but super cute! Everyone loved 'em - I had to make two more trays throughout the party!

Pool noodle garland - took about half an hour, while I sat on the couch. (Told you - very sick) I sliced up pool noodles with a kitchen scissors and my 4 year old strung them in "rainbow order" on a rope.  Simply hung the garland outside for some color and flair that fit the theme.  Kids begged me to keep it up in the backyard.

I found this idea on Pinterest somewhere - wrapping plastic cutlery in a candy bracelet.  I found adorable pool party themed ones on Oriental Trading - sunglasses, flip flops, and beach balls.

I filled clean $1 pails with themed foods and added labels I made in Word with clipart: arm floaties = butter mints, sour straw chews = pool noodles, bucket of goldfish, no label needed,  mini donuts = inner tubes, and cheese balls became beach balls.  Warning: kids will eat ALL the candy in the first 20 minutes and be very hyper the rest of the party!

I'm particularly proud of the Pool Water, despite being the easiest thing ever: lemonade mix and blue Hawaiian Punch.  A week later the kids are still calling the punch in the fridge "pool water."

I handed out pre-filled goody bags and stuffed the piΓ±ata mostly with stickers, tattoos, bouncy balls, non-candy items.  The rule was grab one handful and back away or I will take your whole goody bag away.  Worked out awesome, no tears or fighting!
My newest Thirty-One bag is PERFECT for holding goody bags - Fun Flops print!

Ice cream bar - add goodies and toppings to your bowl of ice cream.  The kids loved this.  When the ice cream was gone a few kids made "a heart attack in a bowl" - leftover chocolate syrup, marshmallows, and gummy bears! Ick!