Monday, July 8, 2013

Our Special Needs Journey: Part 2 - Planning Day!

Okay, so it is torture for a breastfeeding mama to be on a clear liquid diet whilst making dinner for the fam, another meal for a new mama at church, and meal planning.  If the chicken enchiladas didn't make me salivate enough, or the smell of the lasagna in the crockpot, staring at recipes on Pinterest sends me over the edge! Whew!  (I'm not choosing to be unhealthy - simply prepping for my colonoscopy tomorrow, gee yay!)

Today has been productive, planning wise (NOT in the sense that my house is one iota cleaner than before). Meals for the next several weeks? Check! Grocery lists - coupon stacked. Seriously proud, for example: Goodnights nighttime pullups - Target coupon, Target cartwheel, and Manufacturer coupon.  Won't it be great if they also go on sale there in the next couple weeks?  I'm nothing like those extreme couponers on the show, but I've got some good savings on practical items!

Now, onto lesson planning for the upcoming school year.  Seriously having a blast doing it! This year we threw out the lesson plans and prepackaged curriculums.  I am going it on my own, not ALL the way (like I am super excited about the computer math program we have this year, Teaching Textbooks). 

The girls have chosen to study oceans and space in science this year, so anything goes in that arena, even if it is not "in the scope" of what a 4th or 6th grader usually studies. So I'm scouring the internet and bookstores and totally loving it.  I am renewed in my love for home educating and I'm enjoying teaching my children now more than ever!

We have been praying over our home school, the girls and I, and He has given me wisdom in how to proceed.  Because, if I'm being honest, it was getting rough there.  Was it the very challenging pregnancy followed by the newborn? Sure, that may be some of it, as it sent our lives into chaos, but it was my lack of love for teaching.  In my defense, one of my children (special needs, remember?) cries the whole day and curls into a ball under her desk, refusing to get up.  Another often cheated on her online program - dyslexia and dysgraphia made spelling difficult and cheating was the easy way out. 
Why do I confess these things?  Not so you judge me (hopefully) but so you don't feel alone.  Raising kids is never easy, whether you have one or ten, whether they are home educated or attend school, typical functioning or special needs. I must cry out to the Lord for wisdom, strength, and a supernatural amount of patience!

Lest you think my life is perfect,  I will tell you how miserable my trip to urgent care was yesterday.  How Dean, gushing blood, tried to jump on waiting room chairs while I had to nurse my hungry baby in public.  Taylor, who managed to make it out of the house without taking her meds (note to self: do NOT let this happen again) was demon spawn.  Truly, no lie. How is it she needs tons of pricey meds to be a normal amount of annoying? Without them?  Exhausting!

But it's all part of the experience.  I get to learn what works - what motivates my 4 year old NOT to poop his underwear daily (gross), and what will keep my oppositional child from biting me today. Then maybe I can share that with another who is struggling and we can support each other.  :)

So if you struggle with meal ideas, give me a shout because July is all planned out! (Hey, I'm a poet!)