Friday, July 19, 2013

Chicken Pasta Salad

Another party, picnic, and potluck staple of mine - this chicken pasta salad (omit chicken for a meat-free option).  Suddenly Salad is awesome, but not very creative, same ol, same ol.  Using Suddenly Salad as a base and doctoring it up? Easy and fun - plus it's something new!

I would venture a guess I am not the first to think of this by any means, and there are tons of ways I've doctored up their salads, but this is my fave.  I stock up when they go on sale for $1 at my grocery store (and use coupons) in the summer and use it all year long.

Both Classic and Caesar work as a base for this salad, I use Caesar - I like it a bit more.

2 boxes SS - Caesar
1/2 bottle (more if desired) Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing
1 can chicken (the canned chicken just tastes better in this than freshly cooked)
1 cup croutons, crushed
1 cup shredded parmesan cheese (not grated)
1 cup each green and red grapes, washed, sliced in half

Boil noodles.  Stir together chicken (drained), croutons, cheese, grapes, and noodles.  In separate bowl mix the seasoning packets from the Suddenly Salad mix with the raspberry dressing.  If prepping this the night before, wait to add the sauce until just before serving, as it is freshest and most flavorful this way.  Stir into salad. Serve cold.