Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Deanism #4

Dean earned real live turtles as a result of wearing Big Boy Underwear consistently for a month.  My friend dropped them off today and he is enthralled! I hesitate to leave his bedroom, for fear he will try to pick one up and drop it and she'll scamper and hide.

So I laid down the rules - don't take the turtles OUT of the tank without mommy or daddy to help you, no feeding them without a parent, etc.  Fairly basic and understandable for a preschooler.

I checked on him a few minutes ago and found him staring into the aquarium, of course, but the water was cloudy.  Closer inspection revealed a handful of Goldfish crackers floating in the tank.

"Dean, did you put those Goldfish in there?!?"
"Yes, the turtles were lonely. They needed fish in the ocean."

Well, I did say not to take anything OUT of the tank... I guess I need to add putting things IN to the list!