Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Krube Family Photos - Fall 2013

I just love showing off my family! These children are my greatest accomplishment and my husband is pretty great too! A very talented friend  takes the photos, and I'm grateful Meagan puts up with my family! We are a tough crew.  Dean does NOT like these photo sessions for some reason, even though he's a little ham.  

Here's my 4th grader, Taylor K (9 years):

Here glasses had just been through the washer and dryer - we bought new ones a week later, so she is sans glasses in these photos. You can totally see her personality in these shots.

My 6th grader, Julia Erin (12 years)

Julia is really getting to be a beautiful young lady! She has this awkward smile she does when posing for photos, but her natural smile is so pretty!

My Preschooler, Dean James (4 1/2)

A genuine smile from my little firecracker - whom we had to bribe and threaten and all other tricks to get to participate.

Here's our precious Rainbow Baby, Bruce Phillip (7 1/2 months)

I love this one of Bruce and his papa!

So a family of 6, including a sleepy baby, ADHD kids, and a stubborn preschooler makes for tough-to-get photos, but we worked it out! 

I love my hubby! Dan & Nicole- married 12 years

So I fell in love with these fedora hats and wanted the boys to wear them.  Bruce only wanted to eat his and toss it.  Dean stood at the top of the bridge and threw his brand new hat right into the river. Yup.

The outfits the girls chose so totally reflect their personalities!! Look at Taylor's shiny, fancy skirt!!