Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Jack-o-lantern Pizza!

Tomorrow is Halloween so I "made" this jack-o-lantern pizza for the kiddos to celebrate.  I figure if they're gonna wanna eat some of their candy tomorrow I better have a healthy meal then and do the junk food today! So it's lacking much protein, is fully of dairy (I can't eat it), and isn't super healthy. Oh well, it's fun!

I bought a plain cheese pizza at Costco today since I didn't have time to make a crust from scratch. Pepperoni was used to make the edge and eyes and nose (use kitchen shears to cut to shape). I wasn't creative enough to make the pepperoni into a mouth but the girls love black olives, so I sliced those up instead.  The stem is a string cheese stick.

Cooked version - their dad put it right on the oven rack and not a tray, so the cheese stick stem fell off and melted to the bottom of my oven.  I totally thought my dinner clean-up would be minimal today, but I guess I was wrong. :)