Sunday, March 23, 2014

Bruce's 1 Year Photo Shoot!

For Bruce's first birthday party I had a theme in mind for months - The Very Hungry Caterpillar book by Eric Carle. I already had these adorable crochet hats from Eden Isabella boutique, the book, a first birthday onesie from Dean's birthday 4 years earlier, adorable caterpillar toys... All I needed was a fabulous photographer.  

I picked up these striped party hats at Target and decorated one with cardstock to look like the Hungry Caterpillar.

We took the photos at the end of January, just before his February 2nd birthday, so that I could use the photos as party invites.  January in Minnesota does not offer many outdoor photo options for a baby, so I transformed a living room wall into a photo booth.  I thought the balloon caterpillar was cute, until I moved the couch.  Then I noticed I had taped it up way too high, LOL!

The backdrop on the wall is a paper/plastic tablecloth & the floor covering is 2 yards of fabric.  I bought them both from the Eric Carle Museum website.  I found these adorable fake fruits at a local thrift shop for about $5 (there were tons more I came home with for our toy kitchen set, but I only needed the items the caterpillar ate in the book).  

Poor guy would NOT nap all day, and of course falls asleep just minutes before our photo shoot is to begin. He looks tired here, huh?

We've had this $12 Ikea kids chair for years.  It worked well here.
How did Bruce know that the orange was the only REAL food on the floor? I mean, he never even tried to see if the pears were real (he's allergic, so a real pear would not have been wise), he just bit right into the orange - peel and all!

I love how he's sharing his orange with me! He took a bite of the peel and still wanted to eat more, despite making a sour face and spitting it out!

And to commemorate 12 months, Meagan got a couple shots of Bruce & his giraffe - the conclusion of his monthly photo shoots.
Finally, I used the photos and some clip art to create a collage on and have 5x7 photos made up at Costco for about 60 cents each.  They made adorable birthday party invitations!!