Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Name Game

Okay, I'm late on posting this, as it's from Christmas, but it was so fun it's worth sharing. :)  My sweet baby brother (does 22 still count as baby?!) was playing with unifix cubes with Dean - and Dean absolutely LOVES letters and names.  Once Matthew had made one name, everyone else wanted theirs done too. The kids think the name collage hanging up in the kitchen is pretty great. Look how well each photo showcases their personalities:

 A total camera hog, Taylor loves "fashion" and an photo opportunity.

 Dean is not a fan of sitting still for the camera.  If I can coax him to show his face and smile he'll still find a way to move a mile a minute (notice those legs?).

 Sweet Julia - barefoot sock-hater, insisted on several snapshots of different positions and smiles.

 10 month old Bruce - oblivious because there was candy on the floor.
 Dean has gotten really into holding Bruce and being a big brother!

 Getting closer to a winning photo...
 ...AND done!
 My hubby is a quiet kind of hilarious and will totally surprise you sometimes.  Here's his solution to fitting the tallest body into a photo with the shortest name!

And characteristic of myself: trying to avoid being in a photo at all (not a fan of seeing how unattractive I am). I eventually cooperated to make Dean happy.