Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Carolers

So how cute are these little carolers?! We are getting in the Christmas spirit already around here! I feel like I saw something like this in a Family Fun magazine a few years back.  We've been purging and downsizing - a major Fall Cleaning of sorts. We discovered tons of socks and mittens without a mate, oodles of ribbon, egg cartons, a zillion toilet paper rolls...

I decided it was time to put all my craft supplies to good use. Stay tuned for more projects where we turn trash into treasure!

First we painted empty TP rolls a solid color.  To make my carolers different heights I cut a bit of the tubes off on top.  The faces I drew on pink paper and the kids cut them out and glued them on the TP tubes near the top.  I drew mittens for the kids to cut out as well.

We used our matchless sock to make stocking caps.  Glue the opening around the top of the toilet roll and snip the foot part off & tie with ribbon.  I copied sheet music from a piano book (I'm sure you can find something online to print if needed) and cut into rectangles.  We folded them to look like songbooks.  Final step - glue mittens and songbooks to carolers.