Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving Treats and Table Toppers!

We were busy prepping for Thanksgiving today! The kids made these cute pilgrim hats - chocolate covered Ritz crackers, unwrapped mini Reese's (although Rolo's work too), and icing gel.  They used the piping gel to attach the candy to the cracker and then pipe in a red circle "ribbon and buckle." Very quick and easy and, bonus, they taste yummy too!

The turkey cookies took much more time and effort - I actually quit after about 20 of them.  That's enough, right?  Scroll down for the how-to.

 Here's what you need for the turkey cookies:
chocolate almond bark
candy corn
red piping gel (okay, it wasn't in the original recipe but I thought it was a cute addition)
candy eyes
Nutter Butter cookies
mini Nutter Butters

I found this idea on Pinterest - and theirs are way cuter than mine! (Click here for recipe)

 The beak is candy corn with the other colors removed (we used the ones that are just orange and brown).  I used piping gel to add a little gobbler. Very cute, and kids said they were yummy - too much sweet stuff to try myself.

The turkey cups are just for some table flair - they can be a candy dish on the center of the table or used at each place setting.  Since we made some adorable place cards too we thought we thought it would be nice to have one of these on each plate, except for the babies.

I bought clear plastic Chinet cups.  They were a bit pricey and many of them cracked and broke. So I suggest using clear solo cups that are the cheaper but less breakable plastic.  Or brown paper cups if you have the time to go to the party store and find them.

We traced the bottom of the cups for the turkey heads.  I freehand drew several legs and "gobblers" (what are they really called?!) and then the girls cut them out and traced them, then cut those out.  I'm not an artist so I will not be providing a pattern for you. You're Welcome.

A beak and googly eyes complete the face.  We used pretend feathers on some cups for tails and the girls thought the fake leaves I found would make fun tails - they were right!

Fill them with chocolates to make the body brown.  We used those chocolate covered acai and pomegranate snacks for some, Whoppers for some, and wrapped Reese's minis and Rolos for others (as you can see in the photo those wrapped candies make a colorful body, not a brown one. No one cares, I promise).