Wednesday, November 13, 2013

DIY Portable Travel Playsets

We're always on the lookout for quiet, portable entertainment.  Great for church, car rides, the waiting room at all our doctor appointments, Papa's softball games, etc.  I found these metal lunchboxes (outside design is Tangled on one and Tinkerbelle on the other) in the dollar spot at Target once upon a time. They have a bit more room than an ordinary plastic pencil case.  

I helped the girls come up with ideas for a portable house (Taylor has teeny My Little Ponies in hers while Julia's houses mini Barbies - the size of Lego people or Polly Pockets) but the actual execution is ALL them! So my 12 and 9 year olds kinda took the reigns on this after I gave them some ideas.

Taylor used foam paper and felt scraps to make flooring and wallpaper.  Her house has a cardboard and felt bed, windows, doors, posters, a rug, a TV, and up top is a swimming pool with beach toys!

Julia's is similar, only she used a lot more marker-decorating than fabric. She used the Barbie Lego sets for a mirror, TV, and doghouse. She too created a swimming pool and a bed, only her bed apparently doubles as a bathroom when you stand it upright, as shown below (I'm not even going to question the logic behind that).

They used some fun scrapbooking stickers (such as that lamp one below) and fabric and paper scraps. They had tons of fun creating them and carry them everywhere.  Reminds me of my childhood days with those adorable little Polly Pocket houses.