Tuesday, February 9, 2016

My Pregnancy Journey: Gender Reveal & 16 Week Update

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Pregnancy, for me, physically, is miserable. I'm in so much pain and am so sick that it can be all-consuming.  It's discouraging to still not feel well - especially with newer ailments that increase as I get further along (like the back/pelvic pain).  That's why days like today are so encouraging - they remind me WHY I love being pregnant (or at least why pregnancy is WORTH it).

My due date from the baby we lost this summer is coming up soon - as well as this being close to the point I was in the 2nd trimester that I lost Bentlee.  God has been so good to comfort me and provide this supernatural peace to help me move past the anxiety and fears of loss. It can still be difficult to picture the "end result" - today made it REAL.

I went in for a 16 week ultrasound that is needed prior to starting my 17P injections (these are shots of a progesterone taken weeks 16-36 to prevent preterm labor that I have taken in prior pregnancies). Baby was dancing and moving on screen so much it took awhile to get all the proper measurements!! I can FEEL the movement now and that is so reassuring and brings so much joy.  The growth is spot on.

I have felt certain - CERTAIN - from the start this baby is a girl. I have many reasons for it and rarely have a guess as to the gender but this time I did. I'm feeling a bit guilty admiting this but I WANT a boy more. Like a lot. I can't explain why.  So when the ultrasound tech got some great shots of Baby showing off his man parts I cried. Boom.
I feel it's important to point out, for those unfamiliar with ultrasound photos, that the REALLY big nub is his LEG. Before you congratulate Dan. Lol

It's a BOY! A Boy! A Boy! I don't know why I'm so thrilled but my heart is FULL. My cup runneth over. Know who else cried when they found out the gender? Dean. He attended the appointment with us and wanted a little sister sooo bad. Taylor too. But me? Swooning.

For the first time this pregnancy my blood pressure was normal! I passed my first diabetes screen and all the rest of my and Baby's tests have come back normal.  I'm all set for weekly visits, injections, and bi-weekly ultrasounds. I continue to covet your prayers in this process and am so grateful with where God has brought us so far.
Meet Oliver Joseph Krube, due July 25, 2016