Friday, January 24, 2014

Homemade Marble Run Ideas!

This was a fun project because my son is over the moon for marble runs and my oldest daughter is really into active creating.  While Taylor is content to sketch, Julia enjoyed constructing several marble runs for her brothers.  Once built, even the baby loved watching the marble go, so this was a great cold-weather project.  We've had a number of waaaay below zero days here in the Arctic - er, I mean, Minnesota, and have been getting restless indoors. 

This one is nothing more than toilet paper rolls and masking tape.  But it works - the marble will travel down the entire dresser in TP rolls and end in a bowl at the bottom.  This is a part of the boy's room that no one really sees, so I'm fine with it.

This cardboard cereal box maze was also made by Julia.  I get it, they are not beautiful, Pinterest-quality, items.  I will say this: My autistic, poorly coordinated 12 year old made it with her autistic and very poorly coordinated 4 year old brother.  It works and they have fun.  It was free to do, kept them entertained a long time, taught them a bit about physics, and made minimal mess.  Are those enough reasons to give it a try?!  

Here are some close ups, showing how we taped and cut out items, hope this gives you some inspiration and ideas to make your own!

Cereal box, slice of cardboard from the box, 2 tp rolls cut open a bit on top, 1 tp rolls left alone (but colored b/c Dean will not miss an opportunity to make a rainbow! We tapped a Dixie cup to the top as a funnel of sorts to begin the process.

Julia went a little crazy making this one very elaborate. The ball starts in a bowl and TP roll atop a cereal box.  The box has ramps leading down.There is a hole on the side and spirals down a paper plate into a tissue box.  The box is held up higher by 2 empty food canisters. Clear plastic wrap covers the box so that the marble does not fall out.