Thursday, June 9, 2016

You're The Man. An Open Letter to my Husband on our 15th Anniversary

So, today we've been married 15 years.  Meaning we've been together for 16.  Meaning that I have had Dan in my life as long as I haven't.  

 As much as I don't advocate teen pregnancy or getting married in high school (simply for the reason that things can be more difficult & I'd for sure have been far more equipped to be a parent later in life), I am so grateful God gave me this man. It is only by God's grace that I am here and I have him. 

We were just kids when we met - the day after my Sophomore & his Senior year of high school.  We worked together (at Subway).  He refused to date me at first - he wanted to be my only boyfriend. What kind of madness is that?! ONE boyfriend?! But I like a good challenge. Over time I won him over. 

It hasn't always been easy; growing together rather than apart has taken deliberate, mindful attention at times but loving him is instinct. It comes naturally and effortlessly and consumes me. It's an extension of who I am, of what makes me ME. 

An open letter to my husband,

You are more than the man I fell in love with and married.  You are the man I want my daughters to marry and the man I want my sons to become.  You are the one I come to.  You are the man that makes me laugh every day and allows me to cry anytime. You are the man I built my life with and want to spend all that's left of it with. You are the man that is far more than I deserve.  You, and these children we've made together, are the very best of me.