Saturday, April 2, 2016

Our Special Needs Journey: Part 28 - Healing, Health, Birthdays, and Bullies

The last couple months have been VERY long.  Here's an update on each kiddo, what we've been up to, and how we're all coping.
-------------------------- JULIA ---------------------------

Don't be put off by how discouraging Julia's update is - the rest of our updates are pretty good. I'm just getting the not-as-good news out of the way first.  Because Julia is older now I am trying to be more judicious with what I share about her (& Taylor).  Even then I will overstep the boundaries I'm sure. It is fair to say she is where most of my special needs struggle lies.

Above is a photo of her in the hospital this week.  She was the first of the kids to get sick. After several days of high fever we thought she was on the mend after her temp lowered.  While walking down the hallway she abruptly fell to the floor.  She fainted 4 times in about 3 minutes with no recollection of what was happening.  Elijah helped me pick her up when she fell and I called the Pediatrician.