Sunday, January 24, 2016

Our Special Needs Journey: Part 27 - Pregnancy, Surgeries, & Discoveries

I'll open with this - because, well, precious.

 In typical Nicole style, I have allowed far too much time to pass since my last post! We've been the usual amount of busy.  The biggest thing, for me, is that I'm now 13 weeks pregnant and have been very sick.  I thought that would have given me ample opportunity to blog  however I could barely sit up or open my eyes. Sick. Really sick.

So here I am, finally getting to blogging.  Never one to be pithy the following post is long. I apologize.  In an attempt to have fewer needless details and not waste time I feel this all comes off a bit dry and void of emotion.  It could be the sickness/worn out or due to a recent conversation where I was told I over share, talk too much, and give too much detail, but at any rate I feel out of my element today.