Saturday, October 17, 2015

Our Special Needs Journey:Part 26 - So Much is Happening

(Our apple orchard visit seemed a good times to attempt a photo of all 4 kids but Bruce wanted to be held so I ended up in the photo (and I look super gross here), but my hubby was hard at work so he wasn't there and so we still haven't had a photo of all 6 of us in like 2 years.)

We're in a good place right now; albeit a very, very, overwhelmingly busy place.  Sundays are church and softball, Mondays Bruce has speech, Taylor has Behavior & Skills therapy, Dean & Julia see their skills therapists, then Julia has a 3 hour Adolescent Day Treatment class at Fraser (if you're counting that's 7 hours of therapy on Monday alone), I go to a 3 hour DBT class then the chiro, Bruce has an in home Behavioral & Occupational therapist here, then the girls and I go to BSF.  Tuesdays I have MOPS in the morning then Dean has Individual Skills Therapy, Julia has speech and a Social Skills group and then Karate.

Wednesdays I have a standing talk therapy appointment, the boys both have Occupational Therapy at Fraser, Julia has 3 more hours of Day Treatment, then the kids all go to church for Awana and Youth Group.  Thursdays Dean has an 8 am Social Skills Group then Julia heads to coop classes for the day, then Dan gets Julia from co-op, heads to Taylor's Social Skills Group in Eden Prairie, then to Karate.  Fridays Bruce has an ECFE Special Ed class and Saturdays Julia has Karate.  Somewhere in there we homeschool, attempt to sleep, and fit in doctor appointments. And by attempt to sleep I mean it is past 4 am, I haven't blogged in months, and still have so much to work on!

So the total hours of therapies alone is 24 and a half hours for the lot of us. The aggressive therapy is necessary right now, especially for Julia.  She's not "worse" per se but the gap between her life skills and where her peers are is greater now. Functioning a year or 2 behind at 7 years old is very different than functioning 5 to 7 years behind at 14 years old. It's getting to be a pretty big deal. Sigh. Autism is harder than I was ever prepared for.