Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Our Special Needs Journey:Part 8 - Bruce's EEG Test Results

Friday it was Bruce's turn to get the EEG hookup treatment. I think the reason the Dr had ordered the test was more to rule out than to diagnose. He is having some night terror episodes similar to Dean's, and since Dean DOES have abnormal brain activity and seizures, we wanted to catch it early on if it Bruce is as well.

He was a trooper about applying all the wires but wasn't a fan of being held still for an hour - I'm so glad he's still nursing and that I could comfort him in that way.  He slept for a good 20 minutes before we had to wake him up to get a reading of that transition.

A quick shot of the rainbow wires before they come off.

Bruce was much better about washing his hair than Dean - but only after checking himself out in the mirror.  He looked like a mad scientist - it was so funny!

Thank you, Prayer Warriors.  I received a call from the Neurologist letting me know Bruce's test results were normal. PRAISE THE LORD!! I am grateful!

That said, I discovered I misunderstood a bit.  The staring spells Dean is having ARE the siezures - they are non-convulsive.  So both boys are scheduled with Children's Sleep Clinic, as the night terrors are seperate from these siezures.  Phew, lots of info to take in, I'm sorry if I get some facts wrong along the way. :)

They asked if the girls have these same staring spells and they do, but they have not lost skills and it seems like they are just focused on something/thinking intensly.  We will have them checked out soon as well, but it will have to wait because there is no room on the calendar at present.

Oh, and Dean is 30 hours into his 48 hour ambulatory EEG at the moment, and he looks so sweet - like a pirate with the bandana on, which is great, because he LOVES Jake the Pirate!

He chose the Angry Birds backpack to put the machine in, and the bandana and a white cloth hold and hide all the wires.  He didn't want to be seen with this on, so getting him to OT, speech, and preschool has been tough.  He pulled a wire off his head at preschool.  Oops, hope that's okay.

I love how he's still active and running all around with this stuff all hooked up to him.  He's also been getting really into his baby brother, which is so. darn. sweet. I am certainly blessed!