Monday, August 26, 2013

Praying for my Children

I brought my 4 year old in for a parent consult today at The Alexander Center.  My girls already come here often - it is a clinic for special needs children.  He will get a complete evaluation and diagnosis in about a month.  I had filled out mountains of paperwork - the same questionnaires I had completed multiple times for my daughters.  Many of his answers were the same but also many were different.

Each of my children is unique.  I will not allow a diagnosis to define them or to hinder my parenting.  Each of them learns in a different way and responds best to different methods of parenting.  So today I prayed for each child as an individual.

Lord, I am profoundly grateful for my children.  The gift of motherhood is astounding and my heart is so full it feels as if it could burst at any moment.  Thank you for my children that are with you in Heaven as well.

I pray all my children have a deep and genuine love for you, Lord.  I pray they strive all their days to live a life above reproach and to be like Jesus. I want them to be people of good character and true disciples for You. I pray they are kind and hard working.

I pray my daughters grow into godly women. I want them to have all their hearts desire - husbands, children, jobs, etc.  I pray they know Your plan for their lives and are obedient to follow and content in it.  I pray they meet men of high character and of the highest caliber.  Godly men who treat them with respect and with love.  I pray they are spared the heartache of the wrong partner and that they would trust in You to provide their perfect spouse.

I pray Julia is able to overcome all of her struggles with attention, learning, memory, and motor skills.  I pray she is able to learn to ride a bike and throw a ball so she does not feel so different from her peers.  I pray that, with therapy, she is able to attend to her hygiene properly and to feel confident in her appearance.  To know she is beautiful just as you made her.

I pray she can understand social cues and carry on meaningful conversations with peers.  I pray for friendships - real, true, lasting ones.  Friends that see how wonderful and sweet and thoughtful and kind she is.  Although I do ask, Lord, for your help in overcoming her tics and strange behaviors (like, it would be amazing if she quit eating her boogers), I ask mostly for friends who will love her all the same, just as she is.  Friends that stick around - and seek her out - that come for more than one playdate and beg to be with her.  Ones that build her up not tear her down.

I pray she can overcome learning challenges such as her dyslexia and disgraphia.  Would you remove all barriers to her achieving success? Would you guide us to the perfect school and career for her - finding just the right fit for her disabilities and sensory sensitivities? Help her to adapt to change and to function socially in society as is needed.

Please give us answers to her growth issues.  Grant the doctors wisdom to know both the problem and the solution.  Give wisdom also to us in determining when and what to medicate.

Would you be with these children in times of trials and in times of success both? Will you grant them happiness and Derbe Rest? Teach them to be a light for You in all challenges and build and mature their characters.

I ask that Taylor be healed physically from her asthma and precocious puberty struggles.  May she not lose her fertility or struggle with ovarian cancer, as we know they are huge risks with her disorder.  Would you give her confidence in herself as she struggles with acne (yes, she is 9), her height and weight, and all other hormonal issues.  Give her energy and heal the pain in her hips so she is able to adequately exercise.  Give her rest and do not allow her sleep apnea to severely affect her.

Help her overcome all of the challenges she faces with ADHD, Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, and Dyslexia.  Give her endurance to try again and a love for learning.  Help her to control her emotions and to learn how to process her frustrations in a healthy manner.

Would you give her a couple friends?  She is not the social butterfly her sister is but she does need a close confidant.  Also, please help her understand social cues and to be a good friend in return.  Help her to be able to play with others without melting down in frustration.

I pray my sons are Godly men of strong character and high virtue.  I pray they respect others - all others - and treat women well.  I pray they are hard workers who joyfully provide for their families and use redemptive discipline with their children.  I pray they are, as fathers, examples to their children of who Scripture calls them to be.

I pray Dean is able to transition well, without melting down or acting out.  I pray I can find an appropriate outlet for his energy.  Would you help him with his speech articulation and his motor skills? He is only 4 but I can tell he struggles socially - will you provide him friendships? Help him control his anger in a healthy manner and to adapt his sensory sensitivities to function in this world. (Please help with the pain he feels brushing his teeth!)

I pray for his heart - both the physical defect - and the emotional aspects.  I pray he gains weight and is able to tolerate food better.  Would you help him with all his physical ailments and keep him healthy and strong? Grant the doctor wisdom and skill in his upcoming surgery.

Teach him obedience and respect, skills he will need as a man.  Make him wise and give him a good wife who loves him dearly and treats him well and with respect. Maybe also instill a little healthy fear in him, so he stops breaking bones?

Thank you for Baby Bruce! I pray he also becomes a good man, a Godly man, also a hard worker and full of joy and gratitude.  Heal his asthma and make him strong.  I want for him to be safe - protect him. Heal his pain, Lord, and help us to know why he is crying and writhing in pain recently.

Above all, help me - to make them into the adults you too desire for them to be.  To train them up in the way they should go, to be secure in their eternal future and grateful in their current places.