Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Praying Over Finances

Medical bills up the wazoo. A house falling apart - the stairs are literally crumbling, roof leaking, paint peeling, driveway cracked to pieces... 6 hungry mouths to feed. Pricey prescription meds. Breaks on the van broken, the other vehicle needs new tires.  School supplies and curriculum.  Cell phone broken (with no home phone as back up).  The list goes on and on, as I'm sure it does in your household as well.

Lord, would you provide for all financial needs? I pray for security and protection over Dan's job and for plentiful overtime opportunities (and give Dan the physical energy to work those hours).  Please meet our basic needs, providing funds for our home, utilities, and food.

Furthermore, would you provide funds for our medical bills, medicines, and home and car repairs? I pray specifically that the damage to the roof will be covered by insurance and that you would provide the funds to pay the deductible.  Bless us with the money to fix the stairs too, if possible!

Would you also enable my daughters to attend the therapies and social skills groups the doctors have been recommending? Make a way for us to come up with the money required to get our children the help they need.

Regarding both Dan's job and my business as an independent consultant - I pray as Jabez did.  Expand our territory, protect us from harm, and bless us indeed.  Bless us so richly that we may in turn bless others richly!

Lord, would you foster in me a heart of content? Help me to be grateful for all we have and not covet or spend foolishly.  Please give me self-control in my spending and wisdom to be a good steward with the funds you provide us.  I thank you for Dan's job and for all that you have blessed us with.  Thank you for meeting our needs and caring for us. Thank you that we have more than we need.

Convict me, Lord, to always tithe - giving your money back to you as commanded in your word.  And help me not to be anxious or worried about money.  You have told us not to worry about such things but I confess, I struggle to give it all over to You.  To not fear how I will feed the kids and to choose between gas and groceries or prescriptions.  Give me a deep sense of peace and give me wisdom in our spending.